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With our rapidly changing lifestyle, it is getting paramount to take better care of our health. We are so tightly packed in our schedules that we don’t have a second to spare towards our health. Some people do not prefer to consume medicines/ supplements because of their bitter taste and side effects. So, to tackle this hurdle, we have found a modern-day solution with Arelang Naturals. It is a company that offers nutritional solutions based on traditional medical treatments which have been refined with a scientific and contemporary twist through its brand Caim by arelang. The main goal is to advise and motivate you to care about your internal health and strive for a body that can withstand the rigours of our modern lifestyles.

We had reviewed the brand earlier as well and found the products extremely useful that delivered what they promised. They have recently launched another product to help us get better sleep – so we thought of reviewing the same for you.

Imagine eating your favourite chocolate – mouth-watering right? And now imagine your favorite chocolate that gives you all your essential nutrients and vitamins, is sugar-free, and has no synthetic additives – mind-blowing right? 

About Arelang

Caim from Arelang Naturals has launched a line of Candyceuticals in India, founded by Nikita Naterwalla. Caim’s products are designed to fit seamlessly into your day-to-day life, with a range of exquisite, sugar-conscious supplements in the form of delectable confectionery made with thoughtfully sourced, potent plant-based extracts. The products are designed to revitalise and reawaken good health, allowing you to be the best version of yourself. Its line of guilt-free confectioneries includes Rekindle for Men, Rekindle for Women, Replenish with Greens, and Replenish with Phytos. 

Our experience with the new launch:

We ordered “Restore Your Sleep” chocolate candyceuticals. It comes in a pack of 100gm that contains 10 chocolate cubes inside. It is a Pro-Melatonin formula that promotes restful sleep at night and comes in delicious vanilla bourbon flavour. It aids in the production of natural melatonin and improves a person’s sleep cycle. 


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We received the product in a well-sealed box which was air-tight and was covered to protect from spoilage. It was delivered to our doorstep in a good shape. The cubes are made from dark chocolate which has a soft centre and is easy to eat. It has no added dairy or sugar but still, it tastes so good like regular chocolate. It was prescribed in the details to eat 30 minutes before bedtime for deep sleep. 

Sleep is one of the most critical factors contributing to the healthy functioning of the human mind and body. Your brain and body need to produce neurotransmitters to induce sleep. These transmitters thrive and only work well when they have the best chemical environment. It is important to note that your body needs to absorb vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from the food it eats in correct quantities to maintain its circadian rhythm or the 24-hour body clock. This clock regulates all functions like metabolism, digestion, sleep cycles, hunger pangs, and more. A lack of good quality and quantity of sleep can affect more than just how you feel the next day. It has been linked to adverse health issues like anxiety, depression, risk of strokes, obesity, and more. 

We have used the product and it has shown positive results, consuming one chocolate a day will make you fall asleep within 10 minutes. It has improved the quality and pattern of sleep. You will feel refreshed the next day after getting proper sleep required by the body. You will no longer feel fatigued and exhausted.


Our bodies require sleep as they require rest for proper functioning. The body heals itself and restores its chemical balances during deep sleep phase. During this time, it also regenerates and repairs cells and tissues. Its like a system reboot each night. Without adequate sleep, the brain and body systems cannot function normally. It can also have a significant impact on the quality of life. Excessive drowsiness, irritability, and fatigue are some symptoms of sleep deprivation. This “Restore Your Sleep” product by Caim Arelang is a must-recommended product for people having trouble sleeping and it is available in a reasonable price range. What’s more – there is no synthetic melatonin in the formulation. The company believes that when the body can produce it naturally, why should anyone use its chemical substitutes. You would definitely regret not trying this out.

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